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THE STORY , in short:

A few years ago, Nicolas Khoury,
already over his fifties, did the discovery almost by chance: he was playing with the shells, which he had collected for about twenty years along the Venetian beaches, placing them side by side on a sheet of paper.

Suddenly he realized he had composed a mosaic, in which the tesserae were these small fragments of the sea.

Suddenly everything acquired another meaning, both the research and the collection of shells were none other than the steps, which with creativity and patience could translate his love for Nature into wonderful images and compositions.

Since then an incessant activity has begun,
carried on in the shadows, with obstinacy and in silence. By simply placing the shells on a colored surface, he arranges them precisely to form tessellations, designs of rugs and tapestries, abstract or figurative forms of great suggestion.

The works created in this way are photographed accurately, so that they can be reproduced down to the smallest detail, and then printed in large format.
Once the work is finished, Nicolas removes the shells, which he will eventually reuse for other compositions.

With infinite patience, Nicolas has created
in these years dozens and dozens of different compositions, expressing his deep admiration and love for the shapes and colors of nature, even for those who normally escape the observation of the most.

Someone, referring to this fact, said that Nicolas is a person who sees where others look only, and that is true both in his search for shells – he has a huge quantity of incredibly tiny – as in his artistic activity.


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